Working for Shamir Salads in Barkan industrial zone

The Barkan industrial zone, part of the Ariel settlement block, was founded in 1982 and is the second largest industrial zone in the West Bank. As all industrial zones connected to settlements, businesses operating there receive generous tax reductions from… Continue Reading


Orange: Making the Future Bright for Israel’s Illegal Settlements

Throughout our research around the West Bank it has become obvious that one of the most common ways for international companies to profit from the occupation market is through secondary involvements, such as operating franchises, in Israel’s illegal settlements. Companies… Continue Reading


Mehadrin’s business in Beqa’ot settlement – and Tesco’s Complicity

Beqa’ot is an illegal settlement located in the Jordan Valley. Established in 1972, it is agriculturally focused and controls around 1800 dunums of land which were stolen from surrounding Palestinian areas, such as the Bedouin community of Al Hadidya. Beqa’ot… Continue Reading


Burger King to sell its Israeli Branches

Burger King has announced that it plans to pull out of the 55 branches of its Israeli franchise Burger Ranch currently operates 107 resteraunts in Israel, including several based in illlegal settlements: Burger Ranch is owned in Israel by Orgad… Continue Reading


International zionist organisations supporting Maskiot’s plans for ethnic cleansing

Big corporations are not alone in implementing the Israeli occupation on the ground. Especially in the smaller settlements which do not yet have any industry or commercial outlets, ideological charities and religious groups play a crucial role when it comes… Continue Reading