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The revolving door between the government and the arms trade

Originally published in Morning Star, by Eliza Egret

The involvement of high-ranking Tory ministers at the DSEI arms fair highlights the thin line between government department and the arms industry, writes ELIZA EGRET

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‘War starts here, let’s stop it here’: Anger as death-dealers head for London

This is the third of a three-part Ceasefire series of essays on the war on Yemen, published ahead of next week’s DSEI,the world’s biggest arms fair, which will take place on September 12th-15th. In part one, Tom Anderson writes on the geopolitical roots of the crisis. In part two, Safa Al-Shamy offers a personal firsthand account of the impact of the war on her country’s civilian population.

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Calls for Israel’s expulsion from ‘blood stained’ UK arms fair

Protesters outside the arms fair in 2013. Photo: CAAT

By Tom Anderson: This September, the world’s largest arms fair will be held in London. The DSEI weapons exhibition will be hosting political and military delegations from around the world who will be shopping for drones, guns, missiles, tanks and ammunition from the thousands of arms companies who will be attending. Continue reading