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Co-Operative Asset Management confirms it has dropped G4S

The Co-operative Asset Management, owned by the Co-Ooperative Group, has confirmed that it has ditched its investment in G4S. The Co-Op owned shares in the British-Danish company through the NCH Pumpkin Fund. Andy Hammerton, Public Relations Manager at the Co-Op told Corporate Watch that these had been divested in Summer 2012. Continue reading

Israeli Prisons using Hiatt handcuffs

On April 17th Palestinians have called for international action in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails. Corporate Watch has been investigating the companies involved in the Israeli prison system and we will be releasing a series of articles over the coming weeks on companies providing equipment and services to Israeli jails as well as interviews with Palestinians about their experience of the Israeli prison system.

Corporate Watch has been informed that a British immigration detainee, who had been arrested at an anti-apartheid wall demonstration in the village of Kafr Qaddum, was restrained in Hiatt handcuffs. Tom Woodhead, who had been held in Givon detention facility in Ramla, said that the handcuffs had Hiatts and ‘Made in England’ embossed into them and that the cuffs were “like a solid bit of metal”. Another ex prisoner, interviewed by Corporate Watch researchers in February 2013, who had been an administrative detainee imprisoned without charge in several Israeli prisons pointed out a set of Hiatt handcuffs from the company’s website that were one solid piece of metal. Several detainees, interviewed independently said that the ‘Made in England’ handcuffs were the ‘most uncomfortable and painful’ cuffs used in Israeli prisons.

Hiatt and Co, a defunct Birmingham based British company had been manufacturing shackles and manacles for over 200 years before its closure in 2008. Hiatts hancuffs had first been sold for use in the slave trade and, more recently, to the US military for use in Guantanomo Bay. In 2008 Hiatt and Co was closed by its owner, BAE systems. However, BAE continued to market handcuffs and other products under the Safariland brand. In 2012 Safariland was sold by BAE to Kanders & Co, a private investment company based in Connecticut, USA. Handcuffs marketed under the Hiatt brand continue to be sold via the Monadnock website, which is operated by Safariland. Continue reading

British organisation ends relationship with charity supporting Israeli settlements

In 2011 Corporate Watch reported that Christian Friends of Israeli Communities (CFOIC) Heartlands was receiving money from UK donors via World Action Ministries (WAM), a UK based charity.

CFOIC Heartland is an ideologically motivated Christian Zionist charity with offices in the Netherlands, US and Israel. It supports projects in illegal Israeli settlements including Maskiot, Argaman, Susiya and Na’ama, as previously reported by Corporate Watch. Continue reading

‘Charity’ and Ethnic Cleansing: Christian Friends of Israeli Communities


Sign for Christian Friends of Israeli Communities in the illegal Israeli settlement Ma’ale Efrayim.

Corporate Watch has previously reported on the role that Zionist charities play in the support of illegal settlements and a recent research trip provided more evidence of this practice. On 21st January 2013 Corporate Watch researchers photographed a sign stating that Christian Friends of Israeli Communities (CFOIC) had donated a playground in Ma’ale Efrayim, an illegal settlement with a population of around 1400 in the occupied Jordan Valley.

Continue reading