Research Areas

1. Israeli companies: Since the occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights in 1967, Israeli companies, hand in hand with the Israeli state, have exploited the Palestinian economy and workforce. Agricultural companies have set up farms on land expropriated from Palestinian communities and have crippled Palestinian agriculture, already decimated by the military occupation and closures, by flooding Palestinian markets with cheap Israeli goods. These companies have taken advantage of the EU-Israel Trade Agreement to export large quantities of their produce to the European market.

2. International Corporations: Many international companies have taken the opportunity to profit from the suffering of the people of Palestine. Arms companies sell weapons to Israel in full knowledge of Israel’s ongoing war crimes; construction companies accept contracts for the building of illegal settlements; and multinationals open branches on illegal settlements. Some settlement produce is also marketed as ‘organic’ on European supermarket shelves.

3. States: Several foreign governments plan to set up new industrial areas inside the West Bank on territories under Israeli military occupation. In the occupied Jordan Valley, the Japanese government plans to facilitate the setting up of an industrial area where Israeli and international companies will take advantage of the desperate Palestinian workforce. The construction of this industrial area will entail further entrenchment of the Israeli apartheid system through the development of settler roads linking the zone to 1948 Israel. The German, British and French governments have expressed interest in setting up similar industrial areas elsewhere in the West Bank. These zones will exploit Palestinian workers, whose livelihoods have been destroyed by the Israeli military occupation and who often have no choice but to work for settler companies for low wages and with no protection or right to unionise.


  1. Have you any information on Dead Sea Beauty Products firm J.Malki Products based in Ein Bokek?

    • Hi, I was concerned about these products which Waitrose also sell. Waitrose could give me no concrete information. I checked the maps and Ein Bokek seems to fall on the Israeli side of the border. I wrote to the email on the packaging and got this reply.

      “Malki in Israel forwarded your email to us to reply. In your email you asked where the products are manufactured.
      The Malki Dead Sea range is manufactured in Beit Dagan which is near Telaviv. The raw materials is from Dead Sea Works which is at the southern tip of the Dead Sea. This area is within the Israeli state since the United Nation declaration in November 1947.”

      So I think they are Israeli rather than Settlement. Does anyone have more info?

      • I think they are Israeli too (which means they should be boycotted)

        Who was the reply you received from ?

  2. Hello,

    I am a PhD researcher from Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand and am currently undertake a PhD concerning corporate accountability and the central and significant role that social movements play in keeping corporations accountable for their actions.I am also of Palestinian decent and am fascinated by the work you do. I was wondering who I can contact regarding partaking in an anonymous and confidential interview for my research?

    I will provide more information concerning my project if I am able to contact someone directly via e-mail.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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