Solidarity with 14-year-old prisoner Shadi Farrah on International Palestinian Prisoners’ Day

Hundreds of Palestinian parents are spending Palestinian Prisoners’ Day (17 April) with their children behind bars, including Farehan Farrah whose son Shadi was detained when he was just 12 years old. Around 6,500 Palestinians are being held in Israeli prisons,… Continue Reading


UK Supreme Court rules in favour of mass surveillance of protestors

Last Wednesday a landmark protest case was lost when Metropolitan Police won its appeal against John Catt, a 90 year old anti-war campaigner from Brighton who has fought a long battle to have his details removed from the national ‘domestic… Continue Reading


“Are you Palestinian? Are you a little bit Palestinian? They yelled at me”: Experiencing detention in Israel

Palestinians have called for international action on April 17th 2013 in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails. Corporate Watch has been investigating the companies involved in the Israeli prison system and this article is part of a series… Continue Reading