An occupation of the roof of the Raytheon oces in Bristol has reached its second week despite sub-zero temperatures. The direct action began in protest at Raytheon’s supply of weapons used in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. Anti-militarist activists have been targeting Raytheon since October and have formed the Smash Raytheon campaign.
Smash Raytheon has held two rooftop protests and a blockade of Raytheon’s offices in Bristol since the campaign began. The current rooftop occupation began on Tuesday, 9th December. Supporters have been visiting the protesters every day, taking food and supplies that are hauled to the roof by rope. A solidarity demonstration is planned for Saturday, 20th December, at Bristol Business Park in solidarity with the roof protesters. Smash Raytheon is part of a growing network of anti-militarist groups challenging the arms trade around the UK. In October this year, Brighton-based Smash EDO held a mass action against their local arms dealers, EDO MBM.
In November, the campaign to close down Heckler & Koch in Nottingham held a demo dubbed ‘Full Circle’, highlighting the links between militarism, armed conflict and refugees. In Edinburgh, a gathering was held last month to mobilise against the NATO’s parliamentary summit in Edinburgh in November 2008. The gathering called for setting up a UK-wide anti-militarist network.
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