Oxfam’s PR firm helping to greenwash Sodastream

UPDATE 09/04/2014 – Response from Oxfam America: Oxfam claims that “Fenton does not do any work for SodaStream at this time. It had a one-year relationship with the company that ended in 2012. Oxfam did not begin to work with… Continue Reading


“They destroyed our lives and then gave a few people a job. It is nothing”: Some unanswered questions for SodaStream

As we have previously reported Corporate Watch was recently denied a requested visit to the SodaStream factory in the illegal West Bank settlement of Mishor Adumim. Despite the company’s insistence that anyone who visits the premises will find it to… Continue Reading


Cherriessa: From occupied land to Europe’s markets

During a recent visit to the Jordan Valley, Corporate  Watch found evidence of a company operating from there that we previously haven’t come across.  Cherriessa, trading under the slogan  ‘From Farm to Market’ is a family owned business which claims… Continue Reading


Avis: Driving the occupation

Avis cars are available to rent in the illegal Israeli settlement of Beitar Illit. On 5th February 2013 Corporate Watch researchers photographed an Avis car rental centre, obtained Avis publicity material published by www.avis.co.il in Bney Brak and were told… Continue Reading


More on Bezeq infrastructure in Israel’s illegal settlements

Corporate Watch has been asked by campaigners for information on Bezeq‘s telecommunications infrastructure in Israel’s illegal settlements. We have collected some more information. Bezeq, previously a state-owned company, has historically had a monopoloy on the telecommunications market. Since the 1990s,… Continue Reading


Mehadrin: New evidence of mislabelled settlement produce

On February 9th a coalition of civil society groups have called for an international day of action against Israeli agricultural companies in line with the movement for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israeli militarism, apartheid and colonisation. Corporate Watch researchers… Continue Reading


Bezeq operating in Kfar Adumim settlement

Activists campaigning for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israeli militarism, occupation and apartheid have asked for information about the Bezeq telephone company’s involvement in Israel’s illegal settlements. On Saturday 12th January 2013 Corporate Watch photographed a piece of Bezeq… Continue Reading


Lee Cooper have moved out of Ma’ale Adumim

British company Lee Cooper no longer has a branch of its franchise in the shopping mall in the settlement of Ma’ale Adumim. Corporate Watch visited Ma’ale Adumim on Wednesday 8th January 2013 and can confirm that the shop is no… Continue Reading


Settlement expansion in the Mishor Adumim industrial zone

During the last four years Corporate Watch have made numerous visits to the settlement industrial zone of Mishor Adumim with the aim of documenting the companies working there.  We have also been highlighting the impact the expansion of the illegal… Continue Reading