Corporations have an ever increasing role in wars and conflicts around the world. The invasion and occupation of Iraq was carried out with the participation of corporations, such as arms and private military companies, and for the benefit of private companies hoping to exploit the country’s market and resources. Similarly, arms companies in the UK benefit from Israel’s continued assault on Palestine. There is an increasing acceptance that corporations have an inordinate influence on the UK’s stance on, and conduct in, wars and conflicts. Consequently, there is a growing grassroots movement to hold to account companies profiting from, and holding sway over, the government’s involvement in armed conflicts.
Corporate Watch’s ‘Mapping the Arms Trade’ project seeks to empower campaigners by exposing one cadre of corporations involved in war and conflict: the arms trade. The first phase of the project will involve creating an online map which shows the geographical locations of UK arms companies and contains short profiles of the arms companies displayed. This map will be a resource for campaigners seeking to challenge the war profiteers in their midst. Corporate Watch is looking for volunteers to work on this phase of the project. Some of the work may be able to be done from home. If you are interested, please email .
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