Years of weekly protests against the Israeli separation wall in Bil’in in the West Bank have proved successful following an announcement by the Israeli military that part of the wall will be re-routed. This comes two and a half years after an Israel Supreme Court ruling ordering the Israeli state to return land to Palestinian farmers in the village of Bil’in, over which the state has twice been held in contempt.
Jonathan Pollak, an Israeli activist, stated that, “it should be clear that the only reason that this is happening now is five years of persistent struggle and sacrifice by the people of Bil’in…this is an Israeli attempt to pacify resistance. And while being a victory, this is only a partial victory, and it should be clear that the resistance to the wall will continue wherever it is built, in Bil’in as well, until the wall is dismantled entirely.”
The wall separates the village of Bil’in from the village’s lands. On the far side of the wall are the illegal Israeli settlements of Mattiyahu East and Mod’in Illit which stand to benefit from the land’s annexation; the housing developments are being built by Green Park, a Canadian registered Israeli company (see and,  and construction company Danya Cebus Ltd. (see, a subsidiary of Lev Leviev’s Africa-Israel group. Avi Cranes (see has supplied equipment for the construction of Mod’in Illit.
Details of companies involved in building Israel’s apartheid wall can be found at:
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