Corporations in Katzerin Settlement Industrial Zone Part 1

Golan Winery visitors centre

Golan Winery

Katzerin is a settlement of 6444 people situated in the occupied Golan Height. It was established on the land of the Syrian area of Fakhura.
Mey Eden/Eden Springs – Mei Eden extract water from the occupied Golan and sell it throughout Israel.  Eden Springs supply water coolers to businesses, local authorities and universities across the UK. A successful campaign in Scotland has seen boycotts of Eden Springs at universities and pressure on Edinburgh City council to pull out of its contract with the company (  Eden Springs’ Scottish depot has recently closed.
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Golan Winery – – Golan Winery produce their wine in the Katzerin industrial zone and distribute it in Israel and internationally. Their UK distributor is currently Osem in Essex although the visitor’s centre staff claimed that thiis may change. A full list of their international distributors can be found at Their vineyards, all of them on illegally occupied territory, can be found at
Biomor – – A producer of organic biocides with international distributors.
Mei Golan – A cooperative exploiting water from the Golan Heights and providing agricultural water to the settlements.
Gesher Golan – Car rentals and sales for the local market.
Golan brewery Brewery established in 2006, recently entered into a deal with the Golan winery. Has a bar which sells international brands like Budvar (see here)
Benda Plast – Plastic food packaging manufacturers exporting products to the US and Europe
Pigmentan – – Paint manufacturer supplying products internationally. Distributors listed across Europe – see Headquarters in Ramat Gan

Golan Winery


Gesher Golan
Gesher Golan

Golan Brewery

Signpost for Mei Golan

Mey Golan's office

Benda plast

Eden Springs / Mey Eden

Security company for Eden Springs

Eden Springs / Mey Eden

The Israeli flag next to Eden's

Eden Springs / Mey Eden

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