Trucks in Beresheet's depot in the illegal settlement of Merom Golan

Beresheet (, an Israeli fruit export and marketing company based in the Galilee and Golan Heights, has a depot and packing house in the illegal settlement of Merom Golan. The company has dozens of plantations on illegal settlements in the Golan heights (see their plantation map) and advertises that it exports to Europe. Beresheet advertise apple, peaches, nectarines, pears, cherries, kiwi fruit, lychees, pears and persimmons on their website.  An address in Merom Golan is given as their main contact address on their site.
According to their website Beresheet market and produce 50 000 tonnes of produce annually. The company list the following illegal settlement ‘kibbutzim’ as partner: El Rom, Avnei Eitan, Merom Golan, Yonatan, Ein Zivan and Ortal. Beresheet operate a visitors centre at the illegal Israeli settlement of Ein Zivan.
Beresheet claim they have a 30% share of the fruit export market and export produce to England, Russia, Cyprus, South-Africa and more. They appear to market their goods under the ‘Duet’ and ‘Genesis’ brands.

Beresheet's packing house in Merom Golan

Sign for Beresheet outside the illegal settlement of Merom Golan

Beresheet products on sale in a Ramallah fruit market


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