Mor is an Israeli fruit-sourcing and export company with global reach. In 2018, Belgian corporation Greenyard bought a stake in Mor.

We found Medjoul dates being packaged for export under the Mor International brand during our visit to the colony of Na’ama in the occupied Jordan Valley in 2018.

Mor exports to the US, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Asia and the Middle East.[1] Mor dates are often seen being sold in small grocery shops.[2]

The company is also a major international exporter of persimmons (Sharon fruit).[3] It is now the “largest grower, packer and exporter of Sharon fruit in Israel and South Africa”.[4]

Since 2005, Mor has been in partnership with South African company Arisa[5] to export Sharon fruit through its distribution network.[6] Mor’s growers in South Africa allow the company to supply Sharon fruit internationally, all year round. The fruits are exported by air freight [7] under the ‘Sharon Fruit’ brand.

Greenyard Fresh

In 2018, Belgian international food distribution company Greenyard Fresh bought a 45% stake in Mor Group, with an option to purchase a controlling share.[8] Greenyard Fresh has a large presence in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, and offices in France, UK, Spain and South America.[9]

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