Apartheid in the Fields: From Occupied Palestine to UK Supermarkets (2020 Update), Part 7.9: Lidl

Lidl, the German discount supermarket chain, has stores all over Europe and the US. During 2019, we photographed Mehadrin grapefruit on sale in Lidl stores in the UK.

Mehadrin is one of the largest exporters of fruit from the Israel’s Jordan Valley settlements (see page 26). We also photographed Israeli Hass avocados on sale under the Oaklands brand in Lidl’s UK stores.


We photographed Israeli organic potatoes on sale in Lidl under the ‘Terrea, St Remy de Provence’ brand in 2019. Lidl France stores were also selling Israeli avocados.


During 2019, we saw Fratelli Orsero bananas on sale in Lidl Greece. Corporate Occupation found Fratelli Orsero packaging in the illegal settlement of Argaman in 2018. Fresh fruit was being supplied to Fratelli Orsero by Israeli company Mehadrin (See page 26 for our profile on Mehadrin and page 42 for our profile on Fratelli Orsero).

Grapefruit supplied by Israeli company Mehadrin on sale in Lidl. Photo by Corporate Occupation May 2019

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