For the third year in a row, we have collated statistics from every demolition, confiscation, destruction of water pipes or razing of land that Israel has carried out.

We have searched for photographic or video evidence of which company’s equipment (for example JCB or Caterpillar) that was used in each incident in 2020. Our results show the absolute minimum number of people that each company displaced or affected in 2020.  


In 2020, we found that:

The bulldozers that displaced the most people overall were manufactured by JCB (UK), Caterpillar (US) and Volvo (Sweden).

The company that was complicit in displacing the most children was JCB.

The bulldozers that affected the most people overall were manufactured by Hidromek (Turkey) and JCB.

Total displacedOf the total displaced, how many were children?Total affected (not including displaced)Of the total affected, how many were children?TOTAL AFFECTED & DISPLACEDOF THE TOTAL AFFECTED & DISPLACED, HOW MANY WERE CHILDREN?
JCB (UK)2781601,1072011,385361
Volvo* (Sweden) 148*78*668281816359
Hyundai (S. Korea)14465475230619295
Lui Gong (China)4016213128253144
Caterpillar (US)195102896961,091198
Doosan (S.Korea) 331841217439
CASE (HQ in UK)00186186
Fassi (Italy)6735463136530171
Effer (Italy) 50172397028987
Hidromek (Turkey)23111,4526621,475673
Bobcat (Owned by Doosan) 206080
Terex (US)001010
GEHL (US)001010
Cormach (Italy)004242
Hitachi (Japan) 00106106

*Swedish company Volvo’s equipment was used to demolish the village of Al-Araqib many times in 2020. However, because there is no available data on how many people live in the village, we have made a conservative count of one person as being displaced. The real number of people that Volvo equipment has displaced is certainly much higher.

How we compiled our data

We compiled our data by partnering with Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions and using its monthly Demolition & Displacement Reports. We painstakingly searched the internet for photo/video evidence of which bulldozer was used for each demolition/razing of land/chopping down of trees.

For at least half of demolitions, we could not be 100% sure of the bulldozer used, and therefore these demolitions are not included in our final figures. This is because many news agencies and social media users upload stock photos or random photos of demolitions when reporting on a specific incident. If we were uncertain whether a photo was a stock photo, we did not include it in our results.

We used ICAHD’s statistics to record the number of people displaced/affected in each incident, and then added them up to make a total. If ICAHD didn’t record the number of people displaced or affected in an incident, we conservatively counted just one person as being affected.

We also recorded incidents that were not on ICAHD’s list, such as the razing of people’s land, the blocking of a road, and the destruction of fruit trees. If there was no reliable figure for the number of people affected, we conservatively estimated one person, even for a road closure that would affect whole villages. The real number of people affected by each company’s equipment is, in reality, much higher.

You can view our spreadsheet breakdown of every single incident here. You can view our month-by-month summary here.


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