Dr Fischer Pharmaceuticals – Exploiting the Dead Sea

At Ma’ale Adumim’s Adumim mall Corporate Watch were able to buy mud from the dead sea, produced under the supervision of Dr Fischer Pharmaceuticals, a company with a sales office in Brussels. Dr Fischer’s line of Dead Sea products and cosmetics, which also included minerals from the Dead Sea, were on sale in the Ma’ale Adumim’s branch of the Israeli Body Shop.  Body Shop Israel (apparently separate from the larger international chain although using their slogans) also has a branch on the illegal East Jerusalem settlement of Pisgat Ze’ev. Body Shop Israel advertises that their pharmaceutical products are manufactured in the laboratories of Dr Fischer. Dr Fischer’s foreign sales office is:
Dr. Fischer SA / NV
149 Ave. Louise
Brussels, 1050

Tel: 32-2-5357625
Fax: 32-2-5357575
email: info@dr-fischer.com


Apartheid in the Fields: From Occupied Palestine to UK Supermarkets (2020 Update), 5: Jordan Valley settlements and the companies exporting from them

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