Psagot Winery: Winning awards while supporting the occupation

The Psagot winery visitors’ centre is located in the illegal settlement of Psagot, positioned just outside Ramallah and Al Bireh in the West Bank. Established in 1981, the settlement hosts the headquarters of the Binyamin Regional Council and has a… Continue Reading


‘Charity’ and Ethnic Cleansing: Christian Friends of Israeli Communities

Corporate Watch has previously reported on the role that Zionist charities play in the support of illegal settlements and a recent research trip provided more evidence of this practice. On 21st January 2013 Corporate Watch researchers photographed a sign stating that Christian… Continue Reading


Who profits from the E1 settlement expansion? A profile of Kfar Adumim

This article is part of a series of Corporate Watch articles exposing corporate complicity in settlement expansion in the  wider E1 area. They will be followed by an in-depth factsheet in the coming months. Kfar Adumim is an illegal Israeli… Continue Reading


Tourism, fruit picking and occupation ideology: Ein Zivan settlement in the Golan

Ein Zivan kibbutz presents itself as the perfect retreat for Israeli families who want some time away from the heat and buzz of cities like Tel Aviv; it is green, quiet and benefits from the cooler, more comfortable climate. It… Continue Reading