Signpost for Olea Essence / Capernaum Vista

Products at Capernaum Vista / Olea Essence

Capernaum Vista Olive farm – Producers of olive oil and olive oil based skin products. Seem to market themselves primarily over the internet and to wholefood stores. Their contact address is in California.
Nistec – Nistec is a high-tech/arms company who opened a new plant in Katzerin in 2009. Nistec also has offices in Petach Tikhvah annd Maalot.
Sealy – Sealy advertise themselves as ‘America’s best selling mattress company’. They are a multinational company and the factory in Katzerin is run by an Israeli licensee They have a UK base in Cumbria (
Ionics Systems Ltd – Manufacturer of cleaning products

Signpost for Katzerin Industrial Zone

Products at Olea Essence /Capernaum Vista

Noticeboard - Olea Essence


Olea Essence

Cleantech Certificate - Olea Essence

Honey at Capernaum Vista


Gallup packaging in Katzerin Industrial Zone

Novo Packaging in Katzerin Industrial Zone


Signpost in Katzerin Industrial Zone


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