Veolia truck picking up rubbish from Tomer settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley

Veolia, possibly the international company providing the largest amount of services to Israel’s illegal settlements, has been observed picking up waste from the settlements of Tomer and Massua in the Jordan Valley. In 2009 Corporate Watch photographed Veolia garbage trucks picking up waste in Massua settlement. Last week we spotted a Veolia vehicle picking up rubbish from Tomer.
Veolia are also part of Citypass, the consortium building the Jerusalem Light Railway on occupied territory, and run bus routes between several of Israel’s illegal settlements. They also run the Tovlan landfill waste dump, again on occupied territory, in the Jordan Valley.
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For more information see Adri Nieuwhof in Electronic Intifada –

Veolia collecting rubbish from Massua settlement in the Jordan Valley


Simon Quinn · 3rd November 2010 at 5:32 pm

Its disgraceful and Im ashamed I have my water supplied by these scumbags Veolia – well thats is until now as I have just dumped them!

    tomandersoncw · 8th November 2010 at 1:39 pm

    good! where are you based? was it easy to find an alternative water supplier?

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