The entrance to the illegal israeli settlement of Merom Golan

Merom Golan ( is an illegal Israeli settlement in the Northern Golan heights. It was established in 1967, after Israel’s invasion and military occupation of the area.  Merom Golan was established on land belonging to the Syrian area of Al Mansura. It now has a population of 497 people.

Water tank belonging to Merom Golan

Water resources claimed by Merom Golan

Water resources claimed by Merom Golan

Merom Golan has monopolised the water in the area. Under Israeli law all water, even rainwater, belongs to the state. However, the Golan Heights settlements are able to develop their own infrastructure, like the tank shown above, while local Syrians living under occupation are forced to purchase water from Israel after the Israeli military systematically destroyed Syrian water tanks in the 1990s.

Horses for tourists to ride in the illegal settlement of Merom Golan

Tourist 'attractions' in the illegal settlement of Merom Golan

The settlement offers horse and quad bike riding for tourists and has a guest house. Merom Golan is one of the many Golan Heights settlements attempting to make money out of tourism. Hotels in Merom Golan are advertised here on ‘’.

Pazgas in Merom Golan

Pazgas ( provides services in Merom Golan. Pazgas are a domestic and business gas supplier who also provide services to several settlements in the West Bank. Pazgas are owned by Paz Oil and have subsidiaries in Italy, Germany and Portugal. For more info on Pazgas see
Merom Golan operates vineyards for the Golan Heights Winery, which is based in the illegal settlement of Kazerin (see previous blog).


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why do you think so

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this blog is an illegal judean-arab (palestinian) settlement on internet!

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