Agrexco Exporting from Kibbutz Kalia

Agrexco's Packing House near Kalia

Corporate Watch paid a visit to Agrexco’s packing house on the land of the illegal settlement of Kibbutz Kalia, on the Northern Coast of the Dead Sea, during April 2010. The packing house is next to fields of date palms. Thai migrant workers could be seen tending to the palms from cherypickers. Inside the packing house herbs were being packed into boxes marked ‘Carmel ECOFRESH: Produce of Kibbutz Kalia, USA’. ECOFRESH is one of Agrexco’s newer brands which is supposed to represent better food quality (see, for example, Workers inside told us that the herbs were being exported to the US.
Agriculture near Kalia

Much of the land near Kalia is designated a 'closed military area'

Date palms near Kalia

Workers tending to date palms near Kalia

Workers tending to date palms

Truck picking up produce from packing house near Kalia

Greenhouses near Kalia

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