Corporate Occupation tracks the bulldozer companies whose machines have been used to demolish homes and other structures in Palestine. Over the past five years, we have collated statistics from every demolition/confiscation of structures, destruction of water systems, or razing of land that Israel has carried out in both the West Bank and within Israel’s borders.

The bulldozer and crane companies most complicit in Israeli crimes are: JCB, Caterpillar, Hyundai, Volvo, Liu Gong, Fassi (crane), Effer (crane).

In 2022 the top three bulldozers/cranes used to demolish or confiscate structures were:

  1. Hyundai
  2. JCB
  3. Caterpillar

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Download our book, Resisting Demolitions in Palestine

The book was published in 2019, and contains stats for 2018. Although the book is now quite old, it contains lots of useful tips for how you can resist demolitions in the West Bank. Download it here.

Read our 2023 report on JCB here, documenting five years of carnage caused by JCB machines.